A Trip to Amsterdam

Date:2013-10-30  View:1172

On a land surrounded by water, Amsterdam is a city known for its unique history, art and culture, with bookstores scattering along its streets and alleys.

During our stay in the city, we had a little journey to traceSendPoints books in three famous local bookstores.

Mendo is specialized in publications on design, art and photography. Enwrapped inyellow light, the cozy space can easily make you lose track of time and get lost in the world of books.

American Book Center (ABC) is the largest English bookstore in Amsterdam. The circling bookshelves make you feel like you are right at the center of a book ocean. The best decoration is done about the stairs, around which shelves of books spiralsup to the roof. Climbing up the stairs, you will see the whole spacein a different form, compressed on the pages of the magazines, novels, and books of art, design and poetry, etc.

Athenaeum Boekhandel (AB) is known for their literature books and their vast number of magazines covering almost everything from fashion, lifestyle, and economy to indie works.

Visiting bookstores is a journey to experience the world on prints. This trip to search SendPoints books in Amsterdam yielded fruit as we learned how our ideas and thoughts have reflected on our books have found their way to the West, and reached out toa much wider audience, which gave us the very best encouragement to carry on our endeavors in the days to come.