Type Directors Club of New York:Typography 39

纽约字体指导俱乐部年鉴 39

Product Dimensions: 21 x 28 cm

Hardcover: 352 pages

Language: English

ISBN-13: 978-988-78953-0-5

Cover Price:USD60 HKD400 GBP49.95

(Distribution rights only available in Asia)

Among the graphic design competitions on a global scale, there is a sparkling and well-targeted competition which never seeks to make money by charging extra expense and always adheres to its own principles and quality requirements. It is: Type Directors Club of New York (NY TDC). The entry fee for this competition is very low, enabling students and rookie designers to participate. The jury consists of young and top creatives from around the world who treat every piece of work with caution and criticism and make judgments based on their professional competence. The winning entries will be exhibited in major cities around the world. Collecting all the winning entries of the year, “Type Directors Club of New York: Typography 39”will also be released globally. In this wonderful book, you will experience works of world-class quality and be inspired to move forward at the same time.

NY TDC was founded in 1946, and its Best Typeface Design Award is one of the most influential typeface design awards. The exhibition of the wining entries is an annual event with high reputation and professionalism in the industry, and 64 exhibitions have been held so far. The NY TDC typeface design competition is the world’s first typeface-based competition and one of the most important graphic design competitions in the world, attracting graphic designers, art directors, editors, multimedia professionals, students and entrepreneurs to it every year. This year, the competition attracted 1,835 pieces of work from more than 55 countries across 5 continents. The Collection of the winning entries of the year is released worldwide and regarded as a bible by designers all around the globe.

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