Color Sells




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Power up your packaging design with COLORS!

The red and yellow McDonald's, the Tiffany Blue, the blue and yellow IKEA, the Coca Cola Red, etc., a number of world famous brands have successfully developed their own color system for their brand identity, including packaging and storefront, making a strong impression on consumers. Color has become a more powerful marketing tool than ever: it stimulates buying and infuses enduring vigor into the packaging.

This book reveals the secrets of commercially successful packaging colors. It introduces color psychology and marketing strategies of colors using accessible language and vivid illustrations; deeply analyses the combination of color and marketing in packaging via case studies; and showcases packaging designs worldwide with excellent color matching, revealing their design concepts and approaches.

【Selling Points】

1. Detailed analysis of color psychology, colors in marketing, and packaging colors.

2. Case studies of successful color matching of packaging designs.

3. Display of excellent packaging designs, revealing the ideas and techniques of color combination.

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