Re-imagine Bizarre Type

Fire Fly螢火蟲系列

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Softcover (Double covers)
160mm x 220mm
4C+3SC Foi
¥220 (CNY)
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Type design

【Introduction】 Different kinds of typeface convey different styles and feelings. Re-imagine Bizarre Type enables typefaces to embody the fluid of sound, the experience of taste. Typeface which went through modification can also tell a story, express emotion, or recall a memory. Bizarre typeface can be displayed into a more appealing way compares to regular font. Today, it has been a tendency that designers deliver their unique design style by adopting their original typeface while typeface is at the core section within visual design. The book introduces designers who create their innovative typefaces and shares rich examples of bizarre typeface on applied design. It aims to show readers the commercial and artistic value of bizarre typeface through redefining them. It also includes the introduction of creating process that highlights creative possibilities. Overall, the book provides inspiring and fascinating insights into modified typeface. 【Selling Points】 A creative publication focusing on bizarre typefaces. 1.A mobile font museum: 72 typeface works including Sato Koshikazu × Jaemin Lee × VJ Type × My Name is Wendy × 3type ... The collection of 8 creative design techniques stimulates the font design brainstorming, encourage readers to take the first step to bravely explore their own design style. 2.9 selected typeface design cases, in-depth conversations with representative font designers: exclusive interviews with 9 designers, creative experiences sharing, font design displayment. The book contains core inspirations bred in the rich design culture context, bringing creative nourishment to the majority of designers. Each work is accompanied by detailed design inspiration and design methods, presenting readers with the wonderful regional culture behind the design. 3.Focus on the creative deformation of fonts, gathering new design works from around the world: presenting the innovative application of font design in multiple fields, with high reference value and application practice inspiration. 4.Unique angle of work selection and wide range of applications: chapters are classified by font style with clear structure which brings readers a unique reading experience. It is entertaining, interesting and informative. The work covers branding, publication design, logo design, animation design, experimental fonts, etc. 5.The book cover can be torn off and used as bookmark. It's both practical and fun!

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